Friday, January 20, 2012

Sedona - Two more days

Thursday - Friday:
After only one half day in Sedona, I knew staying at least one extra day made absolute sense since I was already there. I made arrangements with the hotel and was off on more adventures.

On Thursday I went on a Pink Jeep Tour into the area of ancient ruins. Not only is the surrounding scenery beautiful, getting to and from the ruins, but to actually visualize the peoples who inhabited these cliff dwellings is humbling. Click on the link to see some pics from their website. Here is a link to all of MY pictures from that trek. These are all organic and not yet edited:

My Friday tour was postponed until Saturday so I had a Free day. I took the time to head up to the famous Chapel of the Holy Cross, a famous Catholic church built right on top of the rocks, blending beautifully into the scenery.

I stayed up there quite a while, trying to capture the changing colors as the sun moved across the valley.

The picture on the right is taken standing at the church facing the hillside.

The lower left picture is taken standing beside the church looking down into the valley. It's a little hazy in the distance due to a fire somewhere in the northern area.

Stay tuned...

Here is a link to all my public albums as of today:

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