Saturday, January 14, 2012

219 / 388 / 284 / 46

The numbers in the title are the number of pictures I took each day I was in Sedona this week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday). That totals 937 in four days. Actually it was two 1/2 days and 2 full days.

Those numbers do not include the mere 288 additional pictures I took since leaving home on December 18th. I have done some purging but need to do a LOT more.

We photo bugs take a lot of pictures in hopes of getting that one or two outstanding shots... which are greatly subject to lighting conditions and weather.... and whether the photo bug was smart enough to remember her tri-pod (which I was not). :-(

In the case of Sedona, a little moisture on the rocks would have helped bring out the color, but it was beautiful anyway.

I will make additional posts, with additional commentary on each day of my Sedona adventure.

For those of you with nothing more meaningful to do, below is a link to ALL of my public photo albums. There are 42 total albums with, literally thousands and thousands of pictures. You won't want to look at them all.

The first 7 albums are the ones from this current trip. The album titled Max Jr. & Janice is actually their album. I did not take those pictures.

Stay tuned...

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