Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lisa & Alan in Sun City West

Lisa & Alan flew in to Phoenix on Wednesday to attend a wedding in Scottsdale.

Connie rode with me to pick them up at the airport. Our timing was perfect. We were one minute away when Lisa called and said they were standing outside baggage claim ready for their chauffeured limo to pick them up.

We went back to Connie and Bill's for an afternoon visit on the 70 degree patio. Perfect!

Lisa & Alan have never seen Connie & Bill's place in Sun City West. We were happy to see them but were disappointed to discover Alan didn't bring any of his famous peanut brittle. T
oo much demand and not enough supply! So Sad. Maybe next year!

We just sat around on the patio and talked for a couple hours, then Connie and I took them out to their hotel in Scottsdale to attend all the long week-end wedding related festivities.

They're going to be sad when it's time to go back home to winter in Spokane. But, a short respite from the cold is better than no respite at all.

Stay tuned...


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